PreK Team Earns Gold

Putnam County PreK Earns Gold Circle of Quality

Just recently, the Putnam County Preschool Program received some tremendous news. The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) recognized the Circle of Quality for our Preschool for All (PFA) program by promoting our program from silver to gold status.

The Circle of Quality takes into account numerous standards of the preschool program. The standards focus on early learning and development, instructional excellence, family services, staff qualifications, professional development, and program administration. The evidence of these standards are obtained through monitoring visits and assessors collect evidence using the Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale-Third Edition (ECERS-3) and an ISBE Compliance checklist. Each Preschool for All program site is awarded a Circle of Quality rating based on those scores.  Based on our most recent monitoring visit, The Putnam County PFA program earned the elite distinction of gold.

As Superintendent, I can’t begin to express how incredible this is to the preschool program, our staff, our students, and our families. The district is filled with talented and dedicated people working to do what is best for our students. This is a great example of one of the awesome programs within our district. This recognition is extremely difficult to earn. The preschool team, students, parents, and administration have been working very hard for this. On behalf of everyone, I want to congratulate and say thanks for the continued efforts and dedication. The recognition was earned and truly deserved.