On March 9, 2021, the Illinois State Board of Education and the Illinois Department of Public Health released a joint statement providing major revisions for Health Guidance for Schools. 

The Putnam County Board of Education approved implementing the updated guidance. Beginning on Monday, March 22nd, Putnam County CUSD #535 will be expecting all students to attend school in person per the recently Revised Public Health Guidance. Beginning Monday, March 22nd, the only students that will be allowed to access remote learning will be those with documented underlying medical conditions or live in the household with a family member with a documented underlying medical condition. Putnam County CUSD #535 will require approved medical documentation be on file in the school office for students to be able to attend remotely. If a student does not have approved medical documentation on file, they will be expected to be in school. The medical documentation needs to provide the specific underlying medical condition that prohibits the student from attending in person. This announcement allows time for families with legitimate medical reasons to contact their medical provider for documentation. The link to the Joint Statement from ISBE/IDPH and a link to the CDC site are provided below.

ISBE/IDPH Joint Statement - Revised Health Guidance for Schools


CDC - Underlying Medical Conditions at Increased Risk