Thanks so much for all of your help towards out St. Jude Mathathon.  The community including parents, local businesses, and especially students have really come together for a great cause!  In our highest year yet the total was $7,629.69, which brings our 4 year total to $20,774.65.  That is truly amazing in a small community, and it shows a great amount of compassion and generosity in our local area.  If you know anyone who donated, please be sure to thank them for us!

All St. Jude prizes, the winning team's dodge-ball game against the staff, and the pizza party for the top 20 will take place in January.  I already have the St. Jude prizes ordered and ready to ship for January, and I will give a certificate to each student who received a donation at an assembly in January.  Even more than these rewards though, I hope the students learned the awesome power of teamwork and giving.  I hope they carry that spirit with them forever.  As I tell the students, even raising $1 helps, because if everyone did that it would add up to a lot of money, so no matter what they raised if they did their best they contributed to a great cause!  I can't thank you enough for helping with this great cause, especially during a busy and expensive holiday season.  The students should feel very proud of themselves, I know the patients appreciate it. Have a happy holidays!