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EPIC - Educational Program Improvement Council

EPIC Chairpersons- Connie Hartman & Jen Ibarra

Putnam County School District #535

Educational Program Improvement Council-Mission Statement

The Educational Program Improvement Council will strive to increase student achievement by using data to assess, implement, evaluate, and revise the curriculum of Putnam County School District #535 to ensure all students will learn and succeed.

EPIC Council Members, Committee Members and Chairpersons

EPIC Council

Superintendent - Carl Carlson
EPIC Chairperson- Connie Hartman & Jen Ibarra
Special Education Representative- Janet Lund
Primary Principal- Ronda Cross
Primary Representative- Nancy Berger
P.C.E.A. Representative- Janice Hoffman
Elementary Principal- Courtney Balestri
Elementary Representative- Mary Henderson
Junior High Principal- Mike Olson
Junior High Representative- Jennifer Dudek
High School Principal- Clay Theisinger
High School Representative- Wendy Louis
Technology Representative- Adam Bozarth

EPIC Committees 

Fine Arts-Chair- Natalie Hulstrom, Vanessa Gosselin, 

Language Arts-Chair- Annette Davis, Amy Carboni, Jared Moore, Rebecca Johnson, Mary Henderson, Ronda Vacca

Mathematics-Chair- Chuck McConnell, Becky Boudreau, Diane Holmbeck, Kris Sienza

Physical Education/Health- Chair- Jimmy Carboni, Jared Sale, Kyle Anderson, Michelle Dellamaria

Science- Chair- Jennifer Dudek, Alisa Stewart, Amy Schultz, Katie Sobkwiak

Social Science- Chair- Cory Meyer, Jess Lenkaitis, Josie Hall, Anita Ladage

Special Education- Chair- Jody Goetz, Janet Lund, Cindy Colmone, Janice Ossala, Monica McGill

PC Wellnes- Chair- Tricia Both, Steve Johnson, Debbie Ward

Technology- Chair- Adam Bozarth, Tyler Ellena, Debbie Ward, Amy Bell

Putnam County Community Unit District No. 535




If you or a group of educators have any additions to you curriculum that will enhance the education of our students, the EPIC Council requests that an EPIC Packet be completed and submitted.  This way the EPIC Council will be made aware of any changes to the curriculum, and more importantly to help support every teacher in improving the education of all Putnam County students.  Please follow the procedures so that your project can be submitted and given the proper support.

 1.  Fill out a GOAL REQUEST form for a goal or educational improvement that you feel needs attention.


2.  Give the completed GOAL REQUEST form to your building principal or EPIC



3.  The Goal committee chairperson may be asked to attend the next EPIC meeting, at

which time the request will be considered.


4.  Upon preliminary approval by EPIC, the Goal Committee Chairperson will be given

an EPIC packet.


5.  An EPIC packet contains a PROJECT APPLICATION form and a PROJECT BUDGET form.  Complete these forms and give them to your building principal or EPIC representative before proceeding further.  This will ensure that your project is fully support with all the necessary resources.


6.  Implement your project.  If you need any support or resources, please do not hesitate to ask any EPIC Member.


7.  Once your project has been completed, you will be asked to submit a COMMITTEE REPORT.  This will help both your committee and the EPIC Council to evaluate your project for any improvements in the future.


8.  You will also complete a REQUEST FOR TIME SHEET.  This will ensure that the proper compensation and financial cost have been taken care of.


If at any time you have questions, concerns, or comments about the process, please do not hesitate to contact your building representative, building principal, or Mike Olson (EPIC Chairperson).  Thank-you for all you do for our students.


Epic Documents

Download Document as a Word File View Document as a PDF
EPIC Introduction and Procedures  
Project Application Project Application
Project Budget Project Budget
Committee Report Committee Report
Request for Time Request for Time

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